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Kershaw Black Storm Knife 1470BLK

Folding Recurve Blade, One Handed w/ Pocket Clip

Posted by JT Hats

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Kershaw Black Storm Knife 1470BLK Kershaw's Black Storm's recurved blade offers quick cutting action for severing rope and harness straps with a plain edge that's easily sharpened with ordinary tools. With comfortable handle inserts and one-handed manual opening, it's a knife that's easy to understand and use.

While the Kershaw Black Shallot provides much the same cutting action as the Storm, that knife depends on advanced styling. The Black Storm uses technology that's in plain sight and already familiar. The Storm's 410 stainless steel handle slabs and frame don't depend on shape alone for a good grip -- the textured Trac-Tek inserts won't slip, and the ribbed finger choil adds to the control. On the other plain stainless steel side of the handle, a pocket clip wide enough to slip easily over seams provides a secure but easily released carrying system. Even without the clip, it's a good size for the pocket. Overall length of the Black Storm is 4 inches, and the weight is only 4.2 ounces.

The Black Storm's three inch blade of Sandvik 13C26 stainless steel swings open with a push on either thumb stud and locks solidly with a strong frame lock. The lock mechanism keeps the blade in place in both closed and open positions. The shape of the Storm's powder-coated blade is one of the knife's best features. The slightly concave edge of the blade catches cordage and belts and presses the material against the cutting surface as the knife pulls back. The edge doesn't just slide across -- it pulls through the work. When it's kept razor sharp, it works as well as a serrated edge in top condition. The best news of all is that you can keep this plain-edged recurve blade razor-sharp yourself with ordinary sharpening systems.

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