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Kershaw Blunt Tip Sea Hunter Stainless Steel Dive Knife, Neon Handle, Sheath

Posted by Ken

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Kershaw Blunt Tip Sea Hunter StainlessThis 3.75-inch blade is composed of 420J2 steel - good for stain resistance and toughness. The amount of time this knife spends submerged in salt water won't quickly spoil the blade quality. It is blunt tip and plain edged, with a serrated spine and line cutter. The blunt tip cuts down on accidents and can be used for prying - a good tool to have along on an underwater exploration. The plain edge, matched with the serrated spine, allows options for cutting through different types of material.

The handle is an open tang design, to reduce weight, and injection molded with plastic and co-polymers. The neon accents serve more than just a style purpose: the bright colors are intended to increase visibility in the dim and murky environment of the marine world. Accidentally drop this knife on a shallow dive and it will be easier to spot and recover. A stainless steel tank signal is located on the butt.

The overall length of this blunt tip Sea Hunter is 7 5/8-inch. The included quick-release sheath, like the Kershaw Amphibian, comes with leg straps. With the sheath's clip system, however, the Sea Hunter (in sheath) can be worn in a variety of alternative ways: on the BCD, netting, or webbing. Overall, not a bad knife to go diving with.

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