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Kershaw Cyclone Knife

Ken Onion SpeedSafe | Black Tanto Blade Optional

Posted by Ken

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Kershaw Cyclone Knife There are quite a few versions of the Kershaw Cyclone flitting about on the market, including a plain edge, tanto blade and a mini-blade. The version with a ComboEdge, pictured at right, is just one example. We'll link to all the variations below.

The Cyclone's blade is made from Sandvik 13C26 stainless steel, an excellent high-end Scandinavian steel that is corrosion resistant and very strong. It features a non-reflective Tungsten DLC coating.

Plus, this Cyclone knife comes with two important features: the SpeedSafe assisted opening system, and the Locking Liner safety clasp.

SpeedSafe lets you spring open the blade quickly and easily when you need it to, however, it's recommended to disable the setting when you're learning how to use the knife for the first time, and switch it to manual.

The Locking Liner keeps the blade firmly in place when opened. That way it won't accidentally close when you don't want it to. To get it to close again, press the spring-loaded lock, and it'll fold just fine.

Do you really need 6 different eyelets, though? That's a little excessive. But that seems to be the only extraneous feature on Kershaw's serrated Cyclone knife. The rest is important to the quality of the blade, and worth the price as well.

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