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Kids and Knives: A (Not-So-Safe) Safety Guide

Insane Kids in Violent Parody

Posted by Ken

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Many parents wonder... How can I introduce knives to my child safely? This guide will help do exactly that by providing safety guidelines and some everyday examples of those guidelines being put to good use.

Modeling Good Behavior

The first rule in teaching knife safety, of course, is to practice safe knife usage yourself. Note how, in the following video, this Mom is showing her kids, up close and personal, how to properly grip and toss a set of throwing knives.

Had she checked in with OnlyKnives first, she might've chosen a different weapon of choice. Probably best that she didn't.

Keeping the Knife Out of Harm's Way

Once you've decided your child is ready to handle a knife, one of the most important rules of knife safety is to make sure the blade is kept safely away from other people. In this next video, Dad shows his son how to wield a Samurai sword to slice a watermelon clean in half. Note how the child is observing three important rules of knife safety:

  1. Always keep your eye on the blade to make it remains safely out of harm's way
  2. Always have an adult nearby to supervise
  3. Ensure the knife has full clearance from other people throughout its entire range of motion

Knives Are Not Toys

Your child must learn that knives are to be taken seriously. Knives are not toys to be tossed around carelessly. The knife owner should have full concentration on the blade at all times.

Note how, in the following example, this fine young knife student is wielding three knives simultaneously while still managing to maintain correct posture, technique and concentration.

Safe Knife Choices

Should you feel your child is ready to own his own knife, do some research to figure out which blade might be best. The 'Kfitzi' is an Israeli model that has been marketed for kids. It might be just the right choice. Check out the following video from the Kfitzi makers themselves:


If you follow the rules above, you may find your child can grow up to have a lifelong appreciation for knives and to respect the safety hazard they can be.

With a little luck, you may find your child can accomplish some amazing feats with these tools. The boy in this final video displays his skills in a martial arts competition -- no doubt a reflection of the responsible parenting provided him.

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