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Hattori Hanzo Sword

Kill Bill “Bride” w/ Black Display Stand & Cleaning Kit

Posted by JT Hats

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Kill Bill Bride Sword w/ Black DisplayThe Handmade Kill Bill Bride Samurai katana accurately recreates the Bride's sword from the popular series of movies directed by Quentin Tarantino and starring Uma Thurman and the late David Carradine. Given to The Bride (played by Thurman) by sword smith Hattori Hanzo, the Bride's sword was the key weapon in a long series of artfully filmed duels and massacres as The Bride sought revenge on virtually everyone she remembered from her pre-coma life as a professional assassin.

This replica sword has the feel of a weapon but not all the genuine details of temper and quality you'd find in a combat sword. In the hand, it has a nice balance with an 11-inch handle meant for two-handed action and a 28-1/2-inch high carbon steel blade. The hamon or tempering mark has been added with an etching and polishing process and doesn't represent the genuine edge hardening of fine combat katanas, but does add to the authentic look. In minor details, the sword is a little too simplified with a functional tsuba that looks stamped or cut instead of forged.

Other decorations match the movie sword accurately, including the emblem on the handle over the real rayskin covering. The less ornate symbol of the bride carved on the wooden scabbard is emphasized with gold lacquer. The sword's wrapping or ito uses woven leather straps to create a functional non-slip grip close to genuine katana designs in general appearance.

The display set includes a simple black desktop stand for the katana and a polishing kit in a simple wooden box. Marked with Hattori Hanzo's name in both English and Japanese, this polishing kit should actually be used from time to time. The cleaning materials provided will protect the finish of the carbon steel blade.

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