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Kissing Crane Congress Stag Pocket Knife

Stainless Steel Folding Utility Blade

Posted by Ken

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Kissing Crane Congress Stag PocketFor decades the knife industry has been built around the legal length limit, which in most countries allows unlicensed carry, concealed or otherwise, of any knife with a blade length of 3.5" or less. That means that pocket knives are that size and below, and unless companies come up with a gimmick or style that sells at a shorter length, the emphasis is on packing quality and utility into a length that's less than 3.5".

The Kissing Crane Congress Stag knife is, of course, 3.5" long closed. In that space the Robert Klaas factory in Solingen, Germany, has put a lot of quality and a lot of function. Keeping to the old standards, from days when knife blades were considered more important than screwdrivers and corkscrews, the Congress offers four blade styles in lengths and hefts appropriate for many uses. Someone like a ranch hand, who needs practical options instead of a letter opener or cork screw, will appreciate this knife.

Nickel silver bolsters and stainless steel blades in the usual time-tested array of spear, pen, sheepsfoot, and coping styles, combine with the natural hand-friendly grip of stag antler handle slabs to complete what has long been the most popular utility pocket knife system on farms and ranches across the U.S.

As a bonus, you can carry it to town.

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