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Kung Fu Wushu Competition Mens Sword w/ Scabbard

Chinese Handmade Double Edge IWF

Posted by JT Hats

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Kung Fu Wushu Competition Mens Sword w/The nine men's sizes of this high-quality Wushu Straight Sword should offer a perfect fit for any student of the art. Forged at the famous Dragon Well of Lungchuan Village, China, the handmade straight sword meets the competition standards set by the International Wushu Federation and comes with a validating certificate to prove it.

Similar to the Tai Chi straight sword, this fast blade of high carbon spring steel features a flattened diamond cross-section blade, hollow ground to provide light weight and a strong central spine. Flexible enough for the fast acrobatics of wushu competition, the Dragon Well Straight Sword still has enough strength to take a good hit without damage.

Solid brass bladeguard and pommel are both functional and decorative with strong bolsters bracing the ends of the lacquered hardwood grip. The matching scabbard features lighter brass fittings with intricate designs pressed over the hardwood sheath.

Certification by the IWF guarantees a level of workmanship both wushu students and sword collectors should enjoy. Dragon Well Forge has a long history and a solid reputation that reaches back at least 26 centuries but produces all levels of swords from souvenir to master quality. IWF's backing of this model means you're getting one of the good swords, not the lightly built trinket version.

Sizes cover a range from 34-3/4 inches overall length to 43-1/4 inches and weights from just over one pound to a little more than a pound and a half. Consult a teacher of your chosen style for advice on proper fitting.

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