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Kyoumou Tora Practical Katana

Japanese Martial Arts Sword | Valiant Armory

Posted by JT Hats

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Kyoumou Tora Practical Katana If you've ever been disappointed by a display katana's inability to cut, consider the Kyoumou Tora Practical Katana from Valiant Armoury. Part of this Texas company's Practical Cutting series of real swords and katanas, the Kyoumou Tora will actually slice through rolled tatami targets. Not only does it cut, it also looks good enough for display. You won't be unhappy with the details -- the Kyoumou Tora's hand forging includes the differential tempering of the old combat katanas. The edge shows the wavy hamon of the ancient clay tempering method that left the edge hard while the blade back is softened just enough to be tough and resilient.

For a very reasonable price, considering the amount of labor that goes into this blade, you get traditional double-pinned handle construction and even real ray skin wrapping beneath the blue cord grip. An antiqued copper tsuba with a pouncing tiger motif forms the handguard of the 27-inch fullered high carbon steel blade. Red silk travel bag is included. Minor variations from blade to blade prove this is genuine hand forging and not a machine generated product.

Valiant recommends not using their swords as theatrical pieces, because even their display swords have clout. The Practical series provides weapons for those who actually practice the old martial arts -- treat this katana with respect. Though the swords of legend might survive a hard strike against stone, the ones that survived that sort of treatment were few in number. Study the techniques of tamashigiri and use only the traditional striking targets.

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