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Laguiole French Cheese Knife Set

Serving Fork Stainless Steel Full Tang

Posted by JT Hats

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Laguiole French Cheese Knife Set The traditional style of this cheese knife and fork set from Laguiole of France dates back to the company's early days when the founder made pocket folding knives for workers and sheepherders traveling back and forth from Spain to France. The style became locally popular, and many versions were developed in response to the special requests of customers who included waiters and chefs.

The trademark Laguiole cast bronze bumblebee is displayed on the bolster of these stainless steel cheese utensils, and although the handle slabs are white acrylic and are pinned to the tangs with brass rivets, they have the look of the old horn handles and are more stable and durable. The distinctive old pattern remains, expressed in better materials.

The wooden gift box is rather plain, better for storage than for presentation. You'll need a small wooden serving tray if you intend to use this set for dinner service. Care of the set will require hand washing and drying -- the stainless steel may blemish in a dishwasher, and the build is not entirely gap free.

Sharpening should not really be an issue -- the knife is sufficient for medium cheese like cheddar and mozzarella as well as for breaking up harder Parmesan and Romano. Soft cheese is likely to stick to this wide blade.

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