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LaserLyte Ka-Bar Gun Knife Collectibles

Tactical Black Steel Pistol Bayonet

Posted by JT Hats

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LaserLyte Kabar Gun Knife Collectibles Collector's items aren't limited to the knives that survive the ages -- unique knives that come and go quickly also find a solid following. Let's put the Ka-Bar Pistol Bayonet by LaserLyte in that second collectible class, since it's a good idea which solves a problem no one had. Buy it while you can.

There's no question the LaserLyte Ka-Bar pistol bayonet is well made. This is a stout but small knife, only 0.2 pounds in weight with a glass-filled nylon handle and a wide, 2.75-inch long blade. The bayonet style of the blade is too thick to make it a good skinning knife, but is designed well for poking holes without breaking. The mount, which fits any large to medium handgun with a rail, fits securely and locks solidly in place. Pressing two locking buttons at once releases the knife from the rail. Tactical black 3CR13 steel by Ka-Bar means this is a blade you can trust.

The practical concerns do become overwhelming when you take an unbiased look at the knife's possibilities. It does stay out of the way when the pistol is fired, but aside from that mean look it does little to enhance the weapon's effectiveness. To use the knife, you're much better off removing it from the pistol. Instead of a belt sheath, the pistol bayonet is fitted with a short scabbard designed to conceal the point and cutting edge while on the gun. Pressing the lock at the base of the sheath allows removal from the knife. The designer recommends leaving the scabbard on the blade while it's mounted to the pistol, and I agree.

Refresh your memories of basic firearms safety before mounting the LaserLyte bayonet to your handgun. That procedure is a serious accident just waiting for the right moment and the right person. Never mount or remove the bayonet without unloading the gun and clearing the firing chamber.

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