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Last Samurai Handmade Engraved Movie Replica

Japanese Sword Set

Posted by Ken

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Last Samurai Handmade Engraved MovieAs a sword enthusiast, if you ever wanted to have something in common with Tom Cruise, this is the way to do it. This is the official movie replica set for The Last Samurai, and as far as three-piece sets go, it's among our favorites so far! We can never pass up affordable quality.

The set is complete with a traditional katana, wakizashi, and tanto sword. They measure 39.5, 30.25, and 17.25 inches in overall length respectively.

Each blade has been meticulously hand-forged with high carbon steel, hammered for a consistent hardness throughout the blade. They feature authentic Hi (bloodlines), kissake tips, hamon lines, and full tang construction.

Kanji characters are engraved at the base of each blade, as seen in the movie. They translate as "bushido" or "the warrior Way" in reference to ancient Japanese chivalry and honor.

The tsuka (handle) is made from imitation ray skin, wrapped with black silk cord. Two copper menuki dragons decorate the sword on each side, and two bamboo mekugi fasteners hold the sword tangs in place.

Each saya, or scabbard, is made from blackened hardwood, coated with a protective glossy finish. The sayas fasten with black cotton cords, and are decorated with a beautiful golden dragon on the display side.

And to make the set complete, the swords also come with a beautiful engraved three-tier display stand as well as three separate sword bags for transportation.

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