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Leatherman Folding Camping Knife w/ Carabiner

Combo Edge Drop Point C303 830301

Posted by JT Hats

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Leatherman Multitool Camping Knife w/Something you won't find in many folding clip knives is a built-in carabiner clip. The Leatherman C303 has it, plus a couple of tricks you wouldn't expect even from a company that makes multi-tools.

Leatherman's C303 was built for utility use, but the 3.2-ounce knife is a good size for campers and other outdoorsmen also. At just over four inches closed, there's enough to grip securely, and the polished aluminum frame handle is comfortable in hand. The C303's stainless steel pocket clip might wear a few blisters during extended use, but it is removable -- and with this knife, there's an alternative: the carabiner clip.

The carabiner is high carbon stainless steel and ruggedly built, strong enough to do double duty as a bottle opener. Clip the C303 anywhere on your gear you find it handy, a great feature for backpackers who don't want a pocket folder crunching under the pack's waist belt all day. Both the carabiner and the 420HC three-inch drop point combo serrated blade fold into the skeletonized handle. You'd expect one-handed blade opening, and Leatherman provides that with a thumb stud system called Blade Launcher, easier to work than their earlier models. What might surprise you is that the carabiner clip also opens one-handed, and both carabiner and blade lock into a fully open position.

With all that, the Leatherman C303 looks like a great choice for anyone who works or plays where you need one hand just to hold onto something. If you fish or sail, hike or climb, the C303 fits right in. Leatherman guarantees it for 25 years.

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