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Leatherman Steens Hunting Knife Multitool 830625

Gut Hook & Bone Saw w/ Rosewood Handle, Fine Diamond Hone

Posted by JT Hats

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Leatherman Steens Hunting KnifeThis upgrade of the Leatherman Ukiah design replaces the Ukiah's glass-filled nylon handle construction with stronger components of machined aluminum and inlays of tropical rosewood. Even the steel takes a step up in quality to S30V high carbon stainless steel.

You'd expect the Steens to fold like a pocket clip knife, but this combination tool actually works more like a fixed blade. The Steens includes three tools -- the 3-3/4 inch drop point blade, gut hook tool, and bone saw. For extra strength, the drop point knife and gut hook have been machined from the same bar of S30V steel, which rotates on a central bearing. Pivoting the blade back into the handle swings out the gut hook, and vice versa. Each locks into open position and won't pivot unless released by a push on the safety lock button.

Only the bone saw is a separate blade, but the saw depends on the knife blade for support. The flats machined on the knife blade accept the sides of the bone saw blade's spine -- the two fit together precisely for use as one tool. The eight-ounce Steens hunter's multi-tool comes with a leather belt sheath designed to carry the knife with the drop point blade locked open.

You get one more important perk with the Steens. Any gut hook blade is going to be tough to sharpen without the right equipment, and to make sure you have one handy, the Steens comes with a fine grit diamond hone. There's also a convenient place to put it -- the hone fits in its own compartment in the sheath and rides alongside the blade.

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