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Linder Straight Razor Shaving Blade

Racing Red Razolution, High Carbon Steel 888109

Posted by JT Hats

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Linder Straight Razor Shaving Blade The Linder Racing Red Razolution straight razor from Linder's traditionally styled product line offers a perfect shave for the skilled user. Made from high carbon Solingen steel, the Razolution series follows the guidelines of manufactured razors from the years prior to WWII. With this historical example to work from, the Linder company saw no reason to change anything but the handle.

One of the oldest cutlery firms in Solingen, Germany, the original Linder company ceased operation during the WWII years. New owners Paul and Siegfried Rosenkeimer literally built the company back up from the rubble of the original family business after the war and turned it into a prosperous enterprise again, making knives for outdoorsmen, chefs, and collectors. The Razolution razor line is only one of the many fine products the company now manufactures and sells worldwide.

Made from cast and polished carbon steel, the blade of the Razolution is hardened to between 58 and 59 on the Rockwell scale and should be maintained razor sharp with a traditional leather strop. The lever at the front of the handle swings open a 75-mm-long blade that's 15-mm wide. The handle is strongly built with metal liners and glossy synthetic handle slabs.

Linder's Razolution razors are guaranteed to be razor sharp right out of the box, but be sure to have sharpening gear on hand. Straight razors built in the old style require some practice to use well, and the old shaving system consists of more than just soap and a razor. This old design works, but it's not forgiving.

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