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Lord Of the Rings Gimli Battle Axe by United Cutlery

LOTR Collectible Fantasy Replica

Posted by JT Hats

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Lord Of the Rings Gimli Battle Axe byA faithful reproduction of one of the main weapons wielded by Gimli son of Gloin in the movie version of The Lord of the Rings, the Battle Axe of Gimli looks like it should actually work. With twin 11-1/2-inch-wide blades of 3/8-inch-thick tool steel, even though this fantasy axe has false edges, it still shows some potential for real two-handed mayhem.

But don't try it out on real targets, since the two steel blades are fixed to the wooden shaft through fittings of brass-plated cast metal. While the axe looks solid enough, this isn't quite a functional design. Accurately proportioned for the shorter but more massive dwarven race, the shaft is only 37-3/4 inches long -- a little too short for two-handed use by human standards but well made of polished hardwood wrapped with genuine leather. Antiqued finishing gives the axe the appearance of age and use.

According to Tolkien's fantasy history, dwarven warriors were always prepared. Like the rest of his kin, Gimli was ready for battle at a moment's notice and carried not just this heavy double-bladed axe, but a beard axe, a walking axe, and two throwing axes during the long campaign through Mordor. Hefting this one alone is enough to inspire a healthy respect for dwarves.

Manufactured for United Cutlery, this LOTR battle axe comes with a parchment of authenticity and a hardwood display plaque decorated with silkscreened symbols. All hardware needed for hanging the wall plaque and mounting the Axe of Gimli is included with purchase. Fans of the Lord of the Rings saga should be well satisfied with the quality of this detailed replica axe.

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