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Lord of the Rings Isildur Sword w/ Plaque

LOTR Replica Collectors Fantasy Longsword by United Cutlery

Posted by JT Hats

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Lord of the Rings Isildur Sword w/One of the many legendary and often magical weapons from the Lord of the Rings saga, the Sword of Isildur would make an excellent display piece for the fantasy weapon collector. Less ornate than many LOTR blades, the Sword of Isildur looks like it was built for combat.

United Cutlery produced this 47-1/2-inch longsword and built the weapon with display standards in mind. Quality materials include cast metal pommel and handguard and a grip wrapped with woven leather. The blade itself has the weight of a battlesword but is made from a lower grade of 420 high carbon stainless steel. A blood groove runs down the spine of the blade. Decoration is limited to a simple etching on the base of the blade and a "one tree" symbol cast in the pommel.

Because this is a rat tail tang sword, that blade puts considerable stress on the handle. Trying out the sword on a real target could damage this display quality weapon. United provides a lacquered hardwood wall plaque for display of the Sword of Isildur.

Practical issues aren't unusual with reproductions of magical weapons, and in this case, the technical barriers are more than magical. The sword is too heavy for its light construction and too large for a normal person to grip and swing. Isildur, the wielder of the sword, was no ordinary person. Tolkien described him as seven feet tall and of massive stature. The Sword of Isildur from United Cutlery gets the look right.

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