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LOTR Witch King Ringwraith Sword by United Cutlery

Lord of the Rings Nazgul Fantasy Collectible Display

Posted by JT Hats

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LOTR Witch King Ringwraith Sword byThe Sword of the Witch-King from United Cutlery's Lord of the Rings series does look intimidating. Too long and too narrow for paltry humans, with a grip designed for the bony hands of the shadow wraiths, the Witch-King's sword comes with an appropriate air of evil.

In the LOTR saga, the nine ringwraiths were the corrupted shadows of ancient kings seduced by the power of the Ring. Serving the evil master Sauron, the nine wraiths were led by the Witch-King of Angmar and sent out by Sauron into the ancient world to reclaim the Ring. Their swords were built for the task by armourers from the dark country of Mordor.

United Cutlery took on quite a challenge when duplicating this fantasy weapon, since the overall length of the well-sculpted, two-handed battlesword is 54-5/8 inches. Made from tempered 420 J2 high carbon stainless steel, the sword is constructed for display only, even though the build is solid and massive. Practical attention was paid to details of antique two-handed battleswords, and the Witch-King's weapon shows a ricasso handhold typical of the larger European battle blades. This short section of unsharpened blade in front of the ornate metal handguard gave better leverage and more control for fast strikes and blocks. In close combat, the ricasso was an essential feature.

The sword's true calling was the quick scything of people with sweeping arcs of the long blade, driven by the leather-bound, two-handed grip. It's easy to imagine the Witch-King's sword in use, and the dark highlights of the metal fittings match the weapon's mood. The Witch-King's Sword is more than a museum replica and has a dark character all its own. A wall plaque with silk-screened Nazgul designs and a certificate of authenticity accompany the sword.

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