Lumberjack Ax High Carbon Steel | Competition, Racing Axe by ProChainsaw

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Whether you’re trying to break into the Professional Lumberjack circuit or want an excellent tool for the homestead, the Lumberjack Competition Axe from ProChainsaw is the right choice. At 5.4 pounds it may seem heavy — if all you’ve ever used before is an ordinary hardware store version. Those are toys. This is the real thing.

The high carbon steel head of this single bit poll axe is 7 1/2 inches long with a flared cutting edge a full 7 inches wide. The head is flat ground for less resistance in the cut and the edge is rolled for extra strength. With some fine tuning by hand this racing axe will make an excellent trainer and is good enough for actual entry level lumberjack competition. Master the basics with this one before spending the several hundred dollars a professional level competition axe will cost.

For work, you’ll need nothing better than this. If you like to work by hand you’ll find that for logs of less than sixteen inches in diameter an axe of this quality will just about match a chainsaw in speed. Plus, you can hear the birds in the trees while you work and breathe fresh air instead of oil smoke and gas fumes.

A leather edge sheath is available for this fine China-pattern axe, which comes fitted to a high quality handle of American hickory and pinned with a steel cross bolt for extra safety.

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