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M-5 Garand Bayonet for M-1 Rifle

US Military Collectible w/ Scabbard

Posted by Ken

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Collectible M-5 Garand Bayonet for M-1Pictured at right is an M-5 bayonet, designed to fit the M-1 Garand Rifle. It is an authentic, US military issued bayonet.

This bayonet style was issued first in 1953 and replaced the earlier M-1 and M-1905 bayonets. During the Korean war, those models were found to be awkward to manipulate in the field. This M-5 is more of a combat knife than a traditional bayonet.

This knife has a 6.75" blade and measures 11.5" overall. The blade is sharpened on both sides -- the full-length on one side and roughly half on the other.

The scabbard is listed on Amazon as a model M1A1. I would question that, though, since most of these sheaths were model M8A1. Could be a typo. Either way, it's also in new condition and features the standard belt loop.

A classic piece of American Militaria for knife buffs.

More info on this Garand Bayonet:

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