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Mad Dog Panther Bowie Knife

Australian Outback Hunting Fixed Blade w/ Crocodile Dundee Sling

Posted by JT Hats

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The Panther from Mad Dog Knives was built to military standards but literally with a Crocodile Dundee flair. Mick would feel right at home in any desert, swamp, or urban jungle with the Mad Dog Panther in hand. Maker Kevin McClung even included a Dundee sling for outfitting the Panther in the Outback style.

The 14-7/8-inch Panther wields 9-3/4 inches of plain-edged, flat-ground blade with a modified Bowie style that includes a false upper edge and several inches of squared spine for thumb pressure and fine control. This full tang fixed blade uses Starrett 496-O1 tool steel for stock, surrounding the tang with a grip of glass-filled black epoxy. The shape of the grip lets the owner orient the blade instinctively for reliable night uses, and the deep finger choil gives extra purchase in slippery weather. If you really do go after big salties for fun or for a living, the Mad Dog Panther won't let you down. It's built to penetrate, has the length you need to reach the vulnerable parts, and the blade's pry bar strength lets you hang on throughout the death roll. A coating of chromium protects the steel from saltwater corrosion.

The Panther's tool steel edge stays razor sharp, tempered to Rockwell 62 and about the same hardness as a file. McClung recommends sharpening Mad Dog Knives with a diamond hone, since lesser abrasives take too long to shape this extremely tough edge. A Rockwell hardness of 50 to 54 for the blade's spine and tang gives this knife the resilience to withstand shocks and flexing without damage.

The Panther's black handle also protects the owner from electrical shocks, since it fully encloses the steel tang. If you chop into a live wire by accident, you'll be isolated from the electricity. The Panther comes with two handmade Kydex sheaths. One is designed for belt carry, and the other Dundee sheath system includes a shoulder strap for across-the-back convenience.

The Coast Grandpa Bowie, designed by Puma, offers fully functional design in a slightly smaller build.

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