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Mako Dive Knife

Cheap Stainless Steel Diver’s Tool

Posted by Ken

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Mako Dive Knife Check out the picture of this one. That's a mean looking shark back there.

If you plan to do battle with that dude, I do not recommend you use this knife at all. In fact, if you are looking for a high-end dive knife, this is not it. Perhaps you should consider the Mission Knives Titanium Dive Knife instead.

But, if you want an inexpensive diver's knife, here it is.

It's one solid piece of 420 stainless steel, which makes it water resistant, impervious to rust and strong.

Midway through the blade you'll find a serrated edge, as well as smaller razorback serrations along the top edge. Its spear point is ideal for a wide variety of uses, whether you're in the water or on deck.

The knife set includes a secure sheath with two different straps that close around your leg. It's impact-resistant too, so it should keep that knife in place while you're off exploring the next coral reef on your list.

But, whatever you do, stay away from that shark.

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