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Martial Arts Chain Whip by Bud K

Stainless Steel w/ Hardwood Display Plaque

Posted by JT Hats

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Martial Arts Chain Whip by Bud K Said to be one of the most difficult martial arts weapons to master, the chain whip combines high velocity with powerful centrifugal force, putting a cutting edge and heavy weight at the end of the whip strike. This imaginative version of the chain whip, from Bud K., does something very different.

Forty-two-and-a-half inches long, the Bud K. chain whip combines a knurled stainless steel handle with 21 axe-shaped stainless steel vertebrae linked together like a bicycle chain. Each link has two shaped edges, but none are exceptionally sharp. That's probably good, since if this interesting weapon really was sharp, it would present owners with at least 22 different ways to hurt themselves.

In essence, the Bud K. chain whip is only a fantasy weapon and should remain on the hardwood wall plaque that comes with it. Although it's a fascinating item, there are some genuine practical issues which could make either it or the user short-lived if the chain whip is tested in the real world.

This linking system, like a bicycle chain, flexes in only two directions and isn't built as solid as the power train of a mountain bike. Strike off that critical plane, and you could do permanent damage to the whip. As a striking instrument, it ought to work very well going out. On the rebound, chain whip masters wrap the classic chain whips around themselves to redirect the force. With this one, that would probably hurt a lot.

The Bud K. chain whip is still a very unusual collector's piece and a genuine eye-catcher.

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