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Martial Arts Twin Broadsword Set

Chinese Replica Weapon Spring Steel 30 Inch

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Martial Arts Twin Broadsword Set Sword makers in Lung Chuan village of China produced these spring steel twin broadswords. Over the last century, that district's premier weapon smiths, the Shen family, produced several swords considered to be of national treasure quality . Though these swords are a lesser build, the signs of real knowledge are still apparent. Thick brass hand guards and flared pommels balance the carbon steel single edged blades. These swords are large, forty inches in length, and the pair with hardwood sheath may weigh more than five pounds.

Not quite combat quality, the spring steel sword blades are flexible and tempered to bend from 45 to 90 degrees without breaking. Since the swords are handcrafted, some small variations from pair to pair are expected. Scabbard fittings aren't rugged -- formed from hammered brass plate -- but give the vulnerable parts of the scabbard adequate protection. Place the entire set in the nylon carrying bag for travel. Scabbard decorations are the most vulnerable point of this set, and the bag offers some protection for the lacquered wood.

The swords themselves look more real than the usual stainless steel wushu weapons but handle better than the heavier and stiffer combat steel versions. High carbon spring steel has a different color than stainless, and will darken with use. The blades also resist damage better than the lower grades of stainless steel or chromed steel often used in wushu. A little easier to adapt to fast routines than the combat blades, these weapons still handle like genuine swords.

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