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Medieval War Hammer Replica

Armor Piercing Weapon | High Carbon Stainless Steel

Posted by JT Hats

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Medieval War Hammer Replica This surprisingly well-made replica war hammer copies an old medieval battle hammer used against heavily armoured knights and their war horses. The cast high carbon stainless steel hammer head outshines the old weapons, yet holds close to the old functional design with only a few modern weak points.

Compared to museum pieces, the handle of this 27-inch long war hammer isn't quite stout enough for the size of its heavy hammer head. Older versions matched smaller hammerheads to longer shafts -- the strap which fixes head to handle was also high carbon steel and more securely pinned. This replica piece uses a plated metal strap and less rugged fastening methods -- the hammer has an authentic look, but in actual use would soon present some problems.

The pommel of hardened carbon steel provides a third attack point but only resembles the old functional pommels. Drive it through a target and it will probably stay in the target, since it isn't attached flush to the base of the shaft.

In spite of all that, this is still a very interesting piece for the collector and will hold up to a few good practice swings if someone wants to get the feel of what once was a common battle tool. When knights became so well plated that swords were ineffective against them, warriors turned to the spiked hammer. The pointed end drove through weak points or hooked riders for a surprise dismount. Where steel couldn't penetrate, the fluted hammer face often did fatal damage anyway, driving lethal shock waves through dented helmets. This modern war hammer copies the one-handed style used against foot soldiers rather than cavalry. Most modern people will need both hands to handle this weapon safely.

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