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Meyerco Big Game Field Dressing Saw, Knife

Skinning Gut Hook Bone Saw Set

Posted by Ken

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Meyerco Big Game Field Dressing Saw,In one compact and durable package only 10" x 6" x 2" Meyerco places everything you need for cleaning bigger game. A very portable field kit with a total weight of 1.75 lbs provides easy access to a folding skinner, gut hook with easily replaceable utility razor blade, a tungsten sharpener and a versatile folding saw. Around camp the Meyerco saw will find many uses, from clearing campsites and building shelters to improvising hunting blinds and clearing firing lanes. This handy portable package could even find a place in emergency kits for car or home.

The kit includes three replacement blades for the gut hook, eliminating the need for any special sharpening tool. The gut hook incorporates a finger hole grip for a secure hold during the wet work of dressing game.

For a skinning and butchering knife, the kit includes a Blackie Collins lockback with a black rubberized handle. The folder is a sensible size for field use and probably would be a lot handier in your pocket than back at camp in the kit. A weak point of the set is the pull-through tungsten blade sharpener, which ought to be tossed out and replaced by something like a small diamond grit whetstone. The pull through sharpeners seldom are capable of putting a good edge on a blade. When you're out in the bush with work to do, it's no time to learn that lesson.

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