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Microtech SOCOM Elite Urban Camo Knife

Tanto Folding Clip Blade

Posted by Ken

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Microtech SOCOM Elite Urban Camo KnifeOne of the best military quality folding knives available, the Microtech SOCOM Elite offers details others ignore. The 4" tanto style blade, ground with a wide but strong bevel, is forged from high carbon stainless steel chosen for its edge holding abilities rather than corrosion resistance alone. The one handed automatic opening system is spring loaded, activated by a button big enough to trigger with a gloved hand. Microtech offers several different camo finishes to reduce reflectivity--the urban camo is a light green tone and if damaged can be restored at the factory.

These are tactical knives built for military and law enforcement purposes, and if you return an automatic model for service Microtech will need proof that you are either active military, employed in law enforcement, or are a certified EMT before they can make repairs. The Elite can be purchased in a manual opening version, so make that choice before you buy.

With or without the spring assisted opening, these knives are among the best of the modern tech variety. Engineered with precision, they have not, however, been created as prybars. Don't use them as punches, screwdrivers, chisels, or throwing knives or you may cause damage that doesn't fall under the warranty rules. Microtech has engineered the Elite to tackle one of the common emergency tool functions, though, by building a hardened metal glass breaker into the butt of the handle. Add the ability to handle any cutting chore and this finely tuned knife is a fine companion in any jungle, natural or urban.

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