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Microtech UTX-70 Automatic Tactical Knife

Partial Serrated Black Pocketknife

Posted by JT Hats

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Microtech UTX-70 Automatic TacticalThe UTX-70 from Microtech tones down the size of this automatic tactical design without skimping on quality. Made to the same exacting standards as Microtech's larger combat knives, the UTX-70 offers fully-automatic opening and closing at the push of a button. With a 2.4-inch partially serrated blade of 154-CM high carbon stainless steel and a closed length of 3.22 inches, this is almost a gentleman's knife. It's an interesting idea -- a pocket knife in an automatic style -- but I don't often see a tactical design this small.

A blade of this size isn't enough to be intimidating, and the handle isn't large enough to really grip. Fitting this knife into a search-and-rescue role for slashing seat belts or a last resort tactical knife doesn't quite work. But if it were an option for me to carry one of these, I'd definitely leave the folding lockback at home. You may like the ordinary pocketknife design, but once you've played with the automatic version, there's really no going back. Every other folding knife only wishes it could be one of these.

This is only one of several combinations of blade styles and handle materials available. Handles come in black carbon fiber, platinum coated carbon fiber, or less expensive but durable aluminum. Internal aluminum parts are military grade alloy -- trigger and pocket clip are long-lasting stainless steel. With a weight of only one ounce, this would be a great pocket knife for ultralight hikers.

High quality is backed up with an excellent warranty, but Microtech asks for proof of employment in either the military or police forces before accepting knives for repair. For the rest of us civilians, this is a collector's piece. Check your local laws to find out if you're the
exception to the rule.

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