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Mission Multi Purpose Survival Knife

Titanium Serrated Combo Blade MPS10-Ti

Posted by JT Hats

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Mission Multi Purpose Survival Knife If you need a good reason to buy this survival knife, consider that Mission Knives has a knife built of the same titanium alloy that's been soaking in seawater for five years without a hint of corrosion. Ordinary stainless steel won't do that. A little rust on the blade isn't such a big deal, but the edge always goes first. In rough conditions, this knife stays sharp.

Mission designed the MPS10-Ti, ground from one piece of light but strong titanium alloy, for the survival packs of military pilots. Unlike steel knives, the MPS10 does not get brittle in subzero cold -- titanium is unaffected by extreme temperatures. The flat design makes this knife the favorite of law enforcement and search and rescue personnel as well -- fully functional, full sized and yet discreet. Total weight of the 9-3/4 inch survival knife with Kytel sheath is only 9.4 ounces. If you're a hiker concerned about weight but wanting a full-length usable survival blade, this is five inches of lightweight cutting edge you'll hardly feel on your belt. The serrated edge slices rope and harnesses belts with ease, but smooth cutting requires a plain edge. The combo blade provides both.

Flat steel knives may be practical, but if you use them for long you'll have blisters to match the outline. Titanium's no different in that sense, and if you do need a comfortable workhorse. Mission offers G10 handle slabs and titanium mounting screws. Convert the flat design to a more conventional handle for the hard jobs. Mission knives are popular with people who need the best -- names like SEAL and SERE come instantly to mind.

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