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Mountain Ice Pick Axe, Omega Pacific

Climbing Gear, Hiking Stick

Posted by JT Hats

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Mountain Ice Pick Axe, Omega Pacific Available in 60, 65 and 75-centimeter lengths, the Mountain Axe by Omega Pacific follows the principles the company set for itself years ago in its effort to produce high quality climbing gear at an affordable price. High tech manufacturing procedures and top quality components lower the cost but not the strength or efficiency of this solidly built ice axe.

Aircraft quality 6061 T6 aluminum alloy in the shaft is TIG welded to a laser-cut NiCrMo stainless steel axe head and tip. Laser cutting puts less stress on the steel stock used for the axe, preserving the strengths of the original alloy. This essential climbing tool cuts steps in ice, anchors climbing ropes in deep snow, and is the only tool a climber carries that can stop an uncontrolled slide down an icy slope.

The Omega Pacific Mountain Axe offers climbers a choice of lengths to match stride and height, since the most common use of an ice axe is as a hiking staff. The Mountain Axe is long enough to serve as a comfortable third point of balance even in the low country.

Full size doesn't mean excess weight -- the light but strong aluminum and steel build only adds up to twenty-four ounces for the 75-centimeter version -- 22 ounces for the 60-centimeter model. Strap it to the pack on the easy trails, and you'll hardly know it's there.

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