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Mtech Chopper Folding Knife

Bargain Utility Serrated Blade

Posted by Ken

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Mtech Chopper Folding Knife For a very low price Mtech knives will offer many of the features of knives that are way above them in cost. You'll get a 4.5" (closed length) stainless steel lockblade folding clip knife with a black epoxy blade coating and a flame design, if you choose the "Live to Ride" Chopper with its biker motif. The thumb stud lets you open this combo blade with one hand, and the pocket clip makes it easy to carry. The lanyard slot is a little bit delicate, but usable.

Before long, if you do more with the Mtech than stuff it in your glovebox, you'll notice a few things going awry. Low price means lower standards of manufacture, and even if you get a good quality blade with corrosion resistance and the ability to hold an edge, you'll find the problems with the rest of it weighing on the heavy side of the scale.

For someone who doesn't use a knife much, or use it heavily, the Mtech construction will serve. You'll find it less practical if you depend on knives for hard work or emergency situations, when solid construction and dependable function are essential. Screws tend to work loose and there's enough play in the original build to let in dirt and grit. It's a fine choice for the desk or the souvenir stand.

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