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Mtech Liner Lock G10 Knife

Emergency Folding Clip Blade

Posted by Ken

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Mtech Linerlock G10 Folding UtilityOne of the very economical foreign knives inspired by American designs, the Mtech Liner Lock G-10 looks better than the usual lot of bargains. The 440 stainless steel blade is of the same alloy used for many utility and display knives of higher quality. The 4 1/2" closed length clip knife offers ambidextrous thumb stud opening for single handed convenience and a stainless steel frame with black synthetic handle inserts for a better grip. Overall it has a good look.

In terms of workmanship, you get what you pay for. Some corners have been cut, mostly in other places than the blade, to keep the costs low. Tolerances are not so tight as in higher priced American designs, which contributes to slop that develops after use, as well as giving grit and dirt places to hide and do damage. While you might never need to tighten the structural screws of a high end knife with a similar look, that might become a regular chore if you buy this knife to use. Even in small parts like machine screws, there's excellence and then there's whatever was available that fit the budget.

Buy the G-10 and you'll get a functional knife, but not one with the reliability or the perfection of a Swiss watch or bank vault. For the little bit of cash you need to spend on it, the G-10 still may find a place in your pocket, and your budget.

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