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Mundial 5100 Series 7-Piece Block SetMundial Knives are the choice of many professional chefs, so you know they’re high-quality. But don’t just take their word for it; check out the details…

This set includes the essential kitchen knives and not too much else. This is a good thing — you don’t want to pay extra for knives you don’t need. You get the basics — a 3.5″ paring knife, an 8″ chef’s knife, an 8″ bread knife and a 6″ utility blade. You’ll also get some non-essential but nice to have pieces: a sharpening steel for honing your knives’ blades, a wooden block for horizontal storage, and a set of shears for miscellaneous kitchen tasks.

The steel is a high-carbon, chromium and molybdenum blend that should provide stain-resistance and sharpness. It’s not as sharp as some of the high-end Japanese knives but should more than hold its own against a high-end Wusthof or Henckels. Those knives, of course, are much more expensive.

The handles are black polyacetal, designed for ergonomic comfort and stain-resistance.

Mundial has been making knives for decades — first in Solingen, Germany and now in Brazil. This set is a great example of how they are providing top-quality knives at reasonable prices.

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