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Mundial Olivier Anquier Carving Knife & Fork Set

Presentation Cutlery, Forged w/ Exotic Ironwood Handle

Posted by JT Hats

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Mundial Olivier Anquier Carving Knife &Carving sets may see more use in the kitchen, but where they make the most impact is the dining table. On holidays, carving the roast or the turkey is a ritual worthy of tools that impress as well as work properly. You could choose a stamped steel carving set with polymer handles and perfectly functional stainless steel, or you could go with Mundial Olivier Anquier, a carving set made with grace.

Here's where you shouldn't worry about a few extra ounces of weight and whether or not the extra strength of forged steel is actually necessary. During the dining service, the two-piece carving set from Mundial of Brazil does more than slice the meat. This carving set fits the occasion with a polished high carbon stainless steel fork and knife built in a traditional Old World pattern. Mundial's grips give servers total control of the tools but also add beauty with forged stainless steel bolsters and end caps and one-piece hardwood handles shaped from dense Brazilian ironwood.

In the kitchen you'll find them equally useful, since the ironwood grips resist moisture extremes and hold up to heat and cold without distorting. The best tropical hardwoods like ironwood provide density and durability that rivals modern composites. High demand for some popular tropicals like rosewood has put specific species in danger of extinction. Ironwood, a member of the acacia family, happens to be one of the faster-growing and most renewable hardwood resources in the tropics, so don't feel guilty when you use this fine carving set. It's sensible in many ways.

See the Wusthof Culinar Carving Set for a modern carving set made entirely from stainless steel.

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