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Mundial Sandwich Z Knife, Offset Serrated

7 or 9 Inch w/ Yellow Antibacterial Handle

Posted by JT Hats

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Mundial Sandwich Z Knife, OffsetThe professional-quality Mundial Offset Sandwich Knife with serrated edge follows the Z-knife pattern -- one of the blade styles preferred by famous chef Anthony Bourdain. With its extra knuckle clearance, the Offset Knife works like a lightweight chef's knife -- if you brown-bag your lunch, it's a great time saver.

The sandwich knife comes in two blade lengths -- a 7-inch and a 9-inch version. Serrated edges work well with typical sandwich ingredients like tomatoes, which resist a plain edge knife unless it's razor sharp. The serrations start the cut on the first touch, making short work of tomatoes, onions, cold meat and other flavorful standbys. The offset knife divides the finished sandwich accurately -- the edge starts quickly on hard crusts and parts the stack without crushing what's inside.

Use the sandwich knife on wooden or plastic cutting boards, not on ceramic plates or glass serving trays. The serrated edge stays sharp if applied within its limits, but will dull if skipped across hard surfaces like glass or bone. Washing by hand will also extend the lifetime of the cutting edge -- in dishwashers, the heat, chemicals, and mechanical vibration will gradually erode the cutting edge of any stainless steel knife.

Mundial designed the 5600 series -- including this sandwich knife -- with the professional restaurant cook in mind. Shaped ergonomically, the handle style was made for production work and built to last in the tough conditions of "the back kitchen." The Mundial Serrated Offset Sandwich Knife also meets NSF food service certification standards. Sanitizing elements in the polypropylene prevent the growth of odor-emitting bacteria, fungi, and yeasts. That's a plus no matter how clean you keep your kitchen.

For an alternate look at the Z-knife design, see the Serrated Bread Knife by F. Dick.

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