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Mundial Utility Knife w/ Serrated Edge, 6 Inch

Kitchen Slicing Sandwich Blade w/ Antibacterial Green Handle

Posted by JT Hats

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Mundial Utility Knife w/ Serrated Edge,This professional-quality Serrated Utility Knife from Mundial of Brazil is from the Mundial 5600 series, built for use in restaurants and other high volume food service industries. Buy one for the kitchen at home and you'll get the same benefits of economy, durability and built-in sanitation that professional kitchens demand.

The serrated six-inch blade of this full tang high carbon stainless steel knife is perfectly suited to sandwich construction but certainly works well at a wide range of other tasks. Take care of the edge and it'll make short work of onions, tomatoes, and other veggies that tend to slip away from a plain-edged blade. The serrated teeth start the cut quickly, and the knife shaves off slices without wrecking the structure of the food.

Serrated edges start sharp and stay sharp longer than a plain-edge blade, but keep the edge off hard surfaces like porcelain, glass, and bone if you want the the best performance. Once dulled, restoring the edge requires some professional assistance -- at this price, you may feel like just buying a spare.

Approved for food service use by the NSF, the Mundial Utility Knife incorporates a solid polypropylene handle permanently molded around the knife's tang. Embedded in that handle material are long lasting sanitizing compounds which prevent the growth of bacteria, molds, and yeasts. Without that treatment unseen microbes could degrade the handle, but the built-in sanitizer extends the useful lifetime of the knife and prevents many cross-contamination problems.

Compare to the Serrated Utility Knife from Wusthof if you'd prefer a knife as much suited to the dining table as the prep station.

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