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Mundigrip Chef’s Knife Set of 7 by Mundial 58-983

Professional & Ergonomic Kitchen Cutlery w/ Travel Case

Posted by JT Hats

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Mundigrip Chef's Knife Set of 7 byBuilt for the traveling professional chef, this 7-piece Mundigrip Chef's Knife Set from Mundial of Brazil would also make a great starter set for the culinary student. One of the practical features of this economical and efficient assortment is that losing one of these knives won't take a huge chunk out of your paycheck.

Mundial's MundiGrip line is one of the company's three brands intended for professional use and may be the company's best. Most knives are designed for use in one grip position only, but the ergonomic MundiGrip gives fatigue-reducing control in three different common hand positions. The non-slip grip has a soft texture and allows the user to shift the hand forward comfortably for better control. Since we're all going to do whatever works the best, it's great to see a knife design that works with us.

The NSF-certified knife set includes chef's knife, santoku, and serrated bread knife as well as a smaller boning knife, offset sandwich knife, and paring knife. All knives are built with full tang handles embedded in anti-microbial MundiGrips. These blades begin as cold rolled steel; the stamped high carbon stainless steel offers edge-holding performance that's competitive with forged steel blades. This lighter stamped construction reduces fatigue and eases the repetitive stress of long hours in the kitchen.

All the plain-edged knives are easily reset with an ordinary honing steel, but the serrated blades would eventually need professional sharpening or replacement. The carrying case -- designed especially for Mundial knives -- includes space for a few other important items.

If you're interested in a budget-priced starter set for the home kitchen and don't intend to travel, consider the Henckels International 7-Piece Block Set.

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