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Musashi Miyamoto Double Sword Set

Samurai or Ninja Katana & Wakizashi w/ Scabbard

Posted by JT Hats

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Musashi Miyamoto Double Sword Set This high carbon stainless steel double sword set from Musashi takes a new approach to the two-sword fighting style of Musashi Miyamoto of medieval Japan. The single scabbard holds both a full-sized katana and a hidden wakizashi.

Withdraw the katana from its sheath and the sageo or cord wrapping of the wooden scabbard becomes the hilt of the smaller wakizashi. Both swords are simple blades of solid high carbon stainless steel, made without blood grooves and uniformly tempered. Fittings and swords are display quality. Testing either sword on real targets could quickly loosen fittings and damage the blades.

Traditionally styled wrappings like these use synthetic cord and other materials to simulate the look of more expensive weapons. Some of the set's metal fittings are plated rather than solid, and some were pressed in place rather than cast to fit. The sword set is still an unusual piece for the collector of fantasy weapons.

This stainless steel sword set won't require more than minimal care to keep the polish of the blades in top condition. The wooden scabbard's coating of black lacquer protects wood and steel from moisture, but storing the swords in a high humidity area could still cause a few problems.

Musashi Miyamoto carried two separate weapons, so this sword set only approximates the weapons he preferred. Technically, it's a better match for the swords of modern ninja movies than for any swords of historical importance.

See the Musashi Daito from Hanwei Forge for a more authentic replica of Musashi Miyamoto's personal battle sword.

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