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Musashi Samurai Katana, Japanese Zetsutsin Replica

Miyamoto Handmade Sword w/ Throwing Knife

Posted by JT Hats

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Musashi Samurai Katana, JapaneseLoosely inspired by the dual-sword fighting methods of legendary swordsman Musashi Miyamoto of Japan, this modern 39-1/8-inch-long katana with hidden throwing knife is hand-forged from 1040 high carbon spring steel. Musashi Swords rates this economical Zetsutsin katana as a light duty cutter, but the sword is also suitable for display.

The blood grooves or hi fullered along the blade's spine contribute an authentic sound to the blade's swing, and the tempering mark you might think is just decoration is actually the real thing. Musashi Swords tries to build in functional cutting features at an affordable price but does cut back in less critical areas. The overall construction isn't as rugged as a combat model -- the white weave of the ito is sure to pick up stains if the sword becomes more than a decorative piece.

Carbon steel marks a sword as having potential but isn't a guarantee of real quality. High carbon non-stainless blades are more common in functional swords, built for cutting practice as well as display. Most carbon steel has a darker hue than high carbon stainless, but doesn't necessarily present any unusual maintenance problems. Rubbing the blade down with a lightly oiled cloth occasionally leaves a protective film on the steel that prevents oxidation.

Musashi Miyamoto often fought with dual weapons but chose a full-sized katana backed up by a short sword. The hidden knife in this set fits inconspicuously into its own slot in the scabbard and would be considered a shuriken or thrown weapon. Many people think of shuriken as throwing stars rather than throwing knives, but small daggers and steel darts also served that purpose.

See the Musashi Miyamoto Shirakawa Katana for a battle-ready sword in the heroic style of old Japan.

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