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Night Stalker Fantasy Knife, Black Bat

Futuristic Punch Dagger Sword by Trademark Global w/ Display Plaque

Posted by JT Hats

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Night Stalker Fantasy Knife, Black Bat Imported from China by Trademark Global, the Night Stalker Fantasy Knife Sword looks best on the polished hardwood wall plaque but can be worn on the arm. If you're tempted to try it out, consider some of the basic safety issues and punch with caution.

High carbon stainless steel wings, painted black, serve as the major blades and cutting edges of this futuristic punch dagger. The steel used for the wings is surprisingly thin and crudely beveled, making the knife sword more a sharpened steel plate than a real knife. That doesn't make it much less dangerous, since any strike by the Night Stalker seems destined to cause injury. Durability is in question. In construction of this type, many of the mechanical details either become decoration or are hidden by it, and the many rivet heads holding this apparatus together serve both purposes here. The most important joints -- holding the palm grip to the wing blades -- become the base for decorative cast metal claws. The forearm brace -- which would take most of the load if the knife delivered a real strike -- becomes the cast metal body of a prone vampire bat, the central theme of this fantasy weapon. The tongue of the bat protrudes as a long steel spike.

The Night Stalker Fantasy Knife is unusual and could be an interesting piece for the fantasy weapons collector. Probably in not too many years, one of these in mint condition will be one of a kind, and it does catch attention as a display piece. If you're also interested in the practical side, you won't find a lot of that here. Hooked sections at the rear of the wings could literally turn against the owner if a hard strike knocks the brace off the forearm.

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