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Nodachi Two Handed Long Sword

Japanese Full Tang Replica 66 Inch by Trademark Global

Posted by JT Hats

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Nodachi Two Handed Long Sword Nodachi were rare enough even when they played an active role on the battlefields of old Japan. Difficult to forge and difficult to wield, the Full Tang Nodachi Sword from Trademark Global offers modern swordsmen a look at one of history's most challenging weapons.

Trademark Global's manufacturers faced the same problems as ancient smiths when they took on the production of this 66-inch sword with 43-inch high carbon stainless steel blade. What brings it into modern hands at an affordable price is the better equipment of modern foundries and the advanced steel we now consider common. Construction is similar to the real nodachi, although the Trademark version doesn't approach the old versions in either strength or temper quality.

The basics are still here and are nicely done. The 24-inch full tang supports a strong hardwood grip covered with braided leather, giving the user plenty of two-handed power and leverage. A handmade steel tsuba 3-1/4 inches in diameter guards the swordsman from the opponent's blade. The black lacquered hardwood scabbard should be slung over a shoulder by its chain, not slung at the waist. Expect a little trouble extracting the blade from this sheath since creating a perfect match, stable in all weather, isn't likely. The longer blade may bind a little.

Nodachi with blades up to four feet long were matched to warriors of unusual strength and stature. In the hands of an expert, the nodachi was an important defense against mounted soldiers, though other weapons like the naginata were much more common.

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