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Norpro V Food Slicer

Mandoline w/ Interchangeable Blades

Posted by JT Hats

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Norpro V Food Slicer Mandoline graters fall somewhere between power tools and the old reliable knife and cutting board. Some love the machine and some prefer another route, but if you cook for more than two people and less than ten, the Norpro V Slicer/Grater deserves a look. For prepping moderate amounts of julienned vegetables, pickle slices, or shredded potatoes, it's a great choice but not without quirks.

Interchangeable blades give owners the options of grating cheese, slicing french fries to a uniform size, creating ripple-cut potatoes for homemade chips, and much more. V-shaped cutting blades ease the load when working up large vegetable pieces. There's an option for dropping the julienne attachment out of the way without entirely removing it from the machine, allowing a quick conversion to plain slicing. Perfectionists complain that the julienne cutter still scores the food. It's a compromise.

I've noticed over the years that all cooking involves work. In that zone between intimate couple and large restaurant -- the place where most families reside -- a good mandoline can make a lot of sense, reducing labor instead of adding to it. The technique is simple but depends more on fast movement than razor-sharp blades. If these blades do become dull, replacements are available. The build of this mandoline cleans up easily, but all complex machines include joints and crevices which require special attention.

One of the nicest additions to a mandoline is a cutting glove. Safety devices provided with these machines always prove clumsy and wasteful, using an unreasonable portion of the vegetable as a handle that never goes through the cutter. Working barehanded is unwise.

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