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Outdoor Camp Axe by Gransfors Bruks

Camping Ax w/ Flat Poll Hammer & Sheath

Posted by JT Hats

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Outdoor Camp Axe by Gransfors Bruks Although the Gransfors Bruks Outdoor Axe is a little smaller than the award-winning Hunter's Axe, it's certainly made well enough to do most of the same work. The Outdoor Axe even includes some of the features of the company's best splitting axes. Choose this camp axe if you want an outdoorsman's tool that does nearly everything well.

With a head weight of one pound and a handle length of 14-3/4 inches, this camp axe shaves more than half a pound off your pack load in comparison to the Hunter's Axe. The hardened flat poll of the Outdoor Axe will drive tent stakes or nails, and the steel collar around the top of the handle protects the axe during splitting chores. A 2-1/2-inch-wide cutting edge on the axe bit is ground thin enough for use as a knife edge. Like the Hunter's Axe, you can use this light hatchet for field dressing game, slicing through hide, and flaying skin from meat with light chopping strokes. Think of it more as a cutting tool than a chopping tool when it comes to working with bone. Use it with the same care you'd give the edge of a heavy knife.

Gransfors Bruks equips the Outdoor Axe with a handle of prime American hickory, shaped at the company's factory in Sweden and matched carefully to the axe head. A leather sheath fully protects the cutting edge when not in use and allows you to stow the axe with other gear safely.

In every Gransfors Bruks axe, you'll find the signs of hand workmanship, since the company eliminated unnecessary finishing from their manufacturing process decades ago. Other companies might cover up flaws with paint, but Gransfors Bruks rejects axes with flaws. Every axe is the work of one smith at the Gransfors Bruks forge and doesn't receive the smith's initials until it's perfect.

If you're looking for a small belt axe with hand-forged quality, try the Gransfors Bruks Mini-Axe.

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