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Outdoor Edge Hunting Knife Set, Skinner & Caper

Hollow Ground w/ Pakkawood Dark Timber DT-1

Posted by JT Hats

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Outdoor Edge Hunting Knife Set, SkinnerBuilt for the trophy hunter, the Outdoor Edge Dark Timber Combo knife set places a full-sized skinner knife and a smaller caping knife in one double-pocket leather belt sheath.

Well designed for skinning and caping trophy deer, elk, and moose, the Dark Timber set offers pakkawood handle slabs in dark walnut with large teardrop-shaped grips and knurled sections on the blade spines for thumb leverage. Use the larger 7-1/2-inch skinner with its 3-1/4-inch hollow ground blade for the heavier field dressing work and the smaller 6-7/8-inch-long caper knife with its narrower 2-1/2-inch drop point blade for the detail work of trophy preparation.

Both knives are built with the same full tang design and include a deep finger choil to increase the safety of the grip. The smaller caper knife lacks the shaped finger guard bolster of the larger skinner, so make sure you use the right knife for the right job. Put too much pressure behind the caping knife, and you might slip forward on the blade. The 8Cr13MoV stainless steel knives will hold a razor edge and are ground for fine cutting, not chopping kindling or hacking up bones. You'll want a knife with a heavier edge for rough camp chores. The caper knife could find more applications around camp than Outdoor Edge intended -- it's a small and well-shaped blade that's handy for many lighter chores.

The double sheath of dark stitched leather complements the Dark Timber set well but doesn't include safety straps. Fitted pockets hold the knives securely enough, but brush could still pull them loose. Instead of a maker's mark, the knives show stamped elk tracks at the base of the blade.

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