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Paratrooper 2 Silver Slide Blade Knife

Butterfly Fantasy Knife

Posted by Ken

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Paratrooper 2 Silver Slide Blade KnifeThere are so many things about this knife that disturb me that I have to remind myself that I own both a fantasy sword that's probably totally useless and a kris style dagger that actually says "Combat Knife" on the handle. So I guess I can't be too upset when I see that this novelty item is called the Paratrooper II. Probably they didn't actually expect a paratrooper to buy one.

It's a neat idea, a stouter variety of the chop-socky butterfly knife you might pick up in a Hong Kong storefront and have to relinquish at the customs desk. It squeaks past the legal issue of being a double edged blade by not sharpening one edge, but that wouldn't keep you out of trouble if you had to explain to a policeman why you had it.

As a military knife, well, it won't open with one hand, and that style of construction doesn't stand up to torque stresses. Not to mention that it's shiny. Use it as a tool, and I see lots of blisters in your future from all those plates and rivets.

But on the other hand, I have a combat knife that says combat knife on the handle. Sometimes you just like stuff.

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