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Petzl Ice Pick Axe, Classic Charlet Summit

Rubber Grip, Forged Stainless Steel

Posted by JT Hats

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Petzl Ice Pick Axe, Classic CharletOnly 19 ounces in weight, the 26-inch Petzl Summit offers full-size strength and a design with a few important improvements over the simple mountaineer's ice axe with straight shaft. The Summit's strong aluminum shaft, covered with a tough rubberized coating for improved grip and warmth, includes a curved upper section. In rough terrain, this extra clearance keeps knuckles off the ice and rocks without reducing the stability of the axe.

The hot forged axe head includes a carabiner hole, as does the equally tough spiked handle tip. Chrome molybdenum tempered steel creates a head that stays sharp with little maintenance, keeping the axe in top form longer. The axe is shaped to provide a firm hold when climbing in either ice or snow -- a thin tip penetrates ice and the wider section provides the snow anchor.

The spike of the Petzl Summit is made from a different stainless steel alloy than the head for greater durability when traveling over bare rock. The tip grips well and won't quickly wear out.

The Petzl Summit, one of the axes from Petzl's Classic series, offers climbers increased efficiency in a lightweight and very durable package.

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