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Pirates of the Caribbean Cutlass

Movie Replica Pirate Sword

Posted by Ken

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Pirates of the Caribbean Cutlass Regardless of whether or not it's a historically-accurate replica, the cutlass is the first blade think you think of whenever the words "pirate sword" come to mind, right? In any case, this particular Classic Cutlass is a movie replica from Pirates Of the Caribbean so that automatically gives it a few more "cool" points.

And as far as replica swords go, this one sure isn't a bad deal. The blade is made from 440 stainless steel with a real temper line along the edge. It's factory-sharpened for display, so that means it's not battle-ready, but the tip of the cutlass is actually quite sharp. So make sure to use caution even when hanging it for display.

The handle is made from genuine hardwood, polished with a black glossy finish. It's topped off by a steel pommel with a tang button. The stainless steel continues onto the basket-style guard as well, wrapping around the handle in an intricate design reminiscent of a Spaniard's rapier.

A genuine black leather flat scabbard also comes with the Classic Cutlass. Three snaps secure the cutlass in place, and a belt loop on the back allows you to conveniently carry it by your side.

So while we won't even try to compare you to the worthy Jack Sparrow, you might get one small step closer with the Classic Pirate Cutlass.

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