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Best Fillet Knife: Queen Cutlery Fishing & Filet Knife

Stainless Steel Blade, Amber Bone Handle

Posted by Ken

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Queen Cutlery Stainless Steel FiletIt's not only the good fishermen who actually need a knife of the quality that this Queen Cutlery Filet blade shows. We all get lucky sometime, and when the day is done and it's time for the dirty work, to do justice to the catch you need good tools. Within a total length of 8 1/2" the Queen filet knife places 6 1/4" of slender and flexible stainless steel, for creating those beautiful and boneless fillets we'll always remember.

Designed for delicate work, the Queen version incorporates nickel silver guard and pommel with low profiles that will allow a secure grip and not get in the way of the work. Construction is gap free and sanitary, for easy cleanup and safe work. The honey amber bone handle slabs are well aged to prevent warping in the wet conditions this knife is bound to see, and are textured with a "stag antler" pattern that adds beauty as well as gripping function.

When honed to a razor edge this corrosion resistant blade will bend to the shape of the bone it follows, in the hands of a skilled fisherman, and yield the maximum return for your efforts. Try the same task with a cheap, stiff knife, and you'll leave enough food behind to disgrace the profession.

The Queen Filet comes with a brown leather belt sheath, and should be stored and handled with the same level of care that made it.

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