Rambo Knife | First Blood 25th Anniversary Individually Numbered | Survival, Hunting Knife

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Rambo Knife Knives have mystique–that’s one of the essential aspects people often disrespect these days, but it’s still real. Knives are tangible visual symbols of something very old, a spirit we seek even in our modern lives. The question here is: Do we find that in a knife made for the movies?

I get a kick out of the Rambo character–in a way he’s the classic Vietnam Vet, a bit off the track mentally, a damaged vet who never managed to completely come back from the jungle, inept and out of place in most ways, but very good at one thing. Rambo is a fairy tale character like Luke Skywalker, a modern myth with which many of us can secretly identify.

In “real world” terms, I have a few criticisms of this knife. The blade is a bit light for a fighting blade, but on the other hand it’s consistent with the knife style that the American military has favored since WWII, for the weapon of last resort. The shiny stainless steel alloy isn’t as practical as a stained and worn carbon steel military blade, but it’s prettier. The serrated back would probably result in more damage to friendly forces than to the enemy, considering that soldiers tend to use knives as pry bars and can openers more often than fighting weapons. All that is OK, because practicality isn’t the purpose of this knife.

I think this is a case of the ideal behind the knife rather than the utility of the knife itself. It’s something to make me think of other days, and even if the stereotype isn’t all that accurate, I like it.

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