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Randall Knives: A Reference Book

Randall Made Knife

Posted by Ken

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Randall Made Knives Reference BookHot off the presses in 2007, this is an entire, 252-page book written on Randall Made Knives.

Sheldon and Edna Wickersham, owners of Blue Star Knives, have done exhaustive research to produce this comprehensive reference guide for Randall collectors.

It includes a guide for estimating the age of any given knife as well as guidelines on purchasing knives. It also includes 270 detailed photographs -- you should definitely check out some of the sample images on Amazon before purchasing.

This is the first edition and first printing of an issue that may become a collector's item its own right. If you purchase this item from Blue Star Knives (via, you will have the option to have the book signed by the authors.

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