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Randall Made Knives

Model #17 “Astro” Fixed-Blade Survival Knife

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Randall Astro KnifeRandall Made Knives has been producing high-quality knives for nearly seventy years. Founded by W.D. "Bo" Randall, these knives are known for their hand-made quality workmanship.

Despite the tremendous popularity of the knives among military personnel and knife collectors, the company has always resisted the temptation to mass-produce their products. The result are fixed-blade knives that are unique and perfectly suited to their individual application.

The most notable Randall knife is the Astro. NASA commissioned Randall to create these unique survival knives for its fledgling astronaut program in the 1950's. The first astronauts carried their Astro knives into space.

New knives can be purchased directly from the company, starting at around $450. As these knives age, they typically increase in value, with some older models going for much more than the retail price, depending on the knife's age and condition.

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